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Types of Mental Illness

Types of Mental Illness

  • June 24, 2021

Mental health stands crucial for a person’s adjustment and working in the face of changing dynamics of life’s events. It indicates psychological and emotional vigor of an individual which determine quality of life.

Various factors affecting mental health include ones environment, habits and even genetics.

Since several years mental health has been a burning topic among society and scholars. Various experts studied mental health and proposed different strategies for its maintenance. The common points from their excerpts stress on the following:

. get enough sleep

. eat healthy

. stay positive

. befriend motivated people

. have goals and work towards them             

. be physically active

. seek professional help to fix mental health problem when needed

The following article will educate you about the varied conditions that are considered mental illness.

What is mental illness?

Absence of a sound mental well-being can give rise to mental illness. It is an umbrella term that covers innumerable conditions which affect the way one feels and responds.

Statistically, about one in five adults experience at least one mental illness each year. And about one in 25 adults goes through serious mental illness experience each year.

About 300 mental illness have been listed in Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM). And some most common of them are discussed below:

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